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The Full Story

The Kerwin Aldric Jordan Story 

Kerwin And Brenda Jordan are the founders of several brands and businesses.  Together over there lifespan, have not only created much wealth, riches, and what they call "The LifeStyles Of The Rich In Faith" for themselves, but have also been able to create wealth, riches, and The LifeStyles Of The Rich In Faith for many others.   


A far better way to live and enjoy being alive in the lives of people around the world.   Jordan And Jordan what was started by Kerwin Aldric Jordan way back in the 1970's, has now grown into over a multi-million-dollar empire.


Together they continue to explore and adventure into better ways and methods in business and life, that many who have the opportunity to meet them are oftened changed for the better.  Kerwin has written a book about some of his life and journey, and if you want to learn more about our founder his book can be purchased here:


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