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                                JORDAN AND JORDAN 

 Jordan And Jordan started out of frustration by Kerwin Aldric Jordan because he was not happy with the results of his tax returns that were done by his brother. As the youngest and the last child among 7 children, he always looked towards his older brother Tommy for guidance and direction. Taxes was no different. However, there was a year in which after the tax returns were done, Kerwin was not happen with the results.


He turned and looked at towards his brother and said “Hey this is not right why is the amount so small that I am getting back?? He said, that is just the way it is and if you don’t like it then do it yourself." 


He then gave me the tax booklets IRS Publication 17 and The California State Booklet for the 540 Forms. For the next several days and weeks, Kerwin read, study, and learned everything within those 2 tax publications and decided to do his taxes himself.


By the time he did, and the returns were completed, he showed His brother that the refund amounts originally done that he had could no longer be compared to the amount of the refunds Kerwin had.


This was beginning of a brand-new business venture that begin in the 1970’s. Kerwin started doing his taxes but also were doing several friends and other's taxes by hand back in those days before the age of the personal computer.


By the year of 1985 having a young family started now, Kerwin made the decision to officially start up a business August 5 th, 1985 in a converted garage that was where also he was living with a wife and one son.


When the personal computer was born in 1980, Kerwin also decided to study and learn about it as well. He knew that someday perhaps the personal computer along with taxes could be a good marriage of the two. He decided to focus all of his attention in learning about the personal computer and networking technology along with database technologies.


He worked and contracted for several companies during the late `1980’s through the 1990’s. Companies such as The Shriners Hospital For Children of Los Angeles, Mitsubishi Bank, Universal Studios, The Walt Disney Company, Virgin Entertainment, Mullin Consulting Group, USC University Hospital, Live Nation, and many other companies through the 1990’s and early 2000’s, while at the same-time continuing to develop his tax business, tax skills, and tax development strategies.


In the year of 2003 was the year of the great transition…He met his wife Brenda Lynn Barber Jordan, who came into the company and introduced some cutting-edge technologies and business strategies that propelled the company today into a multi-national and inter-national company worldwide. Thanks to Brenda Lynn Barber Jordan our CEO, vision planner, and brand stylist as well the company continues to grow and thrive in helping many here in the United States, India, Australia, Europe and parts of Africa. Today Jordan and Jordan are helping people in taxation, financials, business, and entrepreneurship around the world

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