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   SBA Business Government Loans

For many years we have always tried to educate and encourage all of our clients to have a business of their own.  During these unprecedented times, now more than ever before the current financial environment and for many generations to come is why you want to have your own business.  

It does not matter that you have a regular job working for a wage or salary.  If you want to do that its okay. 


However, we know that the wage earner will never get ahead financially, and stay above the financial waters of life without one or several businesses.


(The Paycheck Protection Program & EIDL Loan Programs)

1. Must establish  business purpose exist.

2. Must establish  business revenue stream flow

3. Must establish  business expenditures 

These are the core and main components that must be in place before applying for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program and the EIDL - Eligibility Injury Disaster Loans) 

Kerwin & Brenda Jordan have extensive experience with all of these loans and can help you get the much needed money as well as money that could be used to expand and grow your wealth....

If you're interested in more detail information send us an email of interest at: 

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